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May we offer you a look around our house, share some of the stories of our life, pictures of our relatives? We hope you enjoy your stay here and feel free to roam about the site. If you come to our house you will be at 7500' altitude. If you are short of breath bring your own oxygen for I don't share mine. There are about 300 days of sunshine here, so they tell us. If you come in October on you might want to bring your own snow shoes. Yes, there are Native Americans here but, bring plenty of money. They love it and their casino will relieve you of most of it if you play too long.
57 chev

If you wish and work hard enough, sometimes, dreams come true. This one did. A Drag Strip in the middle of nowhere, almost, in a town called Big Spring. TX. Me and a bunch of young guys changed the town forever. Come on in and see the cars and the fun we had building a drag strip from scratch that became the envy of the "oil patches" of West Texas. 

1957 Oklahoma City Drag Races

green monster

The third annual  NHRA sponsored drag race in September 1957 was the largest yet. Oklahoma City was almost in the center of the U. S. and they came from almost every State in the union. There were 600 cars allowed in the event with hundreds more being turned down for violations of the code. It was a Lobor day weekend to be hold. The sport was cathcing on like wildfire. Come in and see the cars.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

planes - trains

From the fifties through the sixties.  Some may remember these stories and pictures of the past, others can see what it was all about back then. Classic cars abound here. Some say the trends started in the sixties, I say it started in the fifties.  Take a look and see if you agree with me. I was there and I loved every minute of it and I bet you will too when you move around in this page.

Out Our Front Door and Around Our House

around our house

Each time you look out our front door it seems to look different. That is what happens when your hours is 7500 feet altitude and a mountain at your front door that is 12000 feet. More than once I have snapped a picture or two out this door and be surprised how it come out. Here are some you can take a look at. It may make you want to visit here sometime.

Me 'n Sound

Hi Fi

This goes way back. Want to know why Buddy Holly might not have been discovered? Also, some unknown facts I am giving to this era for the first time. Here are pictures of old equipment and mementos from the sixties and analog studios when tape machines were the king of recording sound. Look at the hits that came out of the oil patches of West Texas. You won't believe it.

Me 'n The Valley

The Valley

Where I was born. You won't believe this story. Me, a one eyed-bob tailed dog named Pat and some good old buddies - one I still converse with now and then. See what a couple of eight year olds can get into when they have too much time on their hands. By the way, you will want to know about the critter with the white stripe down his back who had a better aim than I did.

Things I Think About Now And Then

One should remember where he came from and his experiences along the life's way. I do here along with a name Commercial Credit that gave me most of those memories. Funny stories here about roads to nowhere, Harley Davidson motorcycles and company cars. If you are old enough and think back I bet you can come up with a few yourself. Good laughs at this one.

Me and the 48 Harley

Me 'n That Old Car

model A

This is not the picture of it but it is close. How a barbed wire fence and this old car brought a grand son and grand father together and getting to know each other for the first time. It is funny how cars can be so close to you and keep memories alive for years fresh in your memory. This one had a special place in my heart because it became a 14 yr olds get-away cr.

From Here On It Is Family - However - You Are Welcome Here As Well

My Musical Family

musical family

They say traits are common in the family. It must be true, however, I just passed it along without keeping any for myself. See how it was passed along from generation to generation here. This goes way back to the 1900 era with my grand father. Pavarotti said "A Life In Music is a beautiful life." It has brought my family joy, join us.

The Howard DeShazo, Jr Family

Dorthy and Howard Wedding 1951

H. L. changed his name in order to enlist in the Navy, long story but true. Child hood friends still call him H. L. but, new friends know him by Howard, Jr. You will want to look at this one. Our kids tell us we were never that young. Yes we were, and this video out of the past will attest to that.  You got to look at the limo we drove away in. That will convince you for sure.

The Howard DeShazo, Sr Family

My Father's Parents - Dan and Lassie

My Father's Mother and Dad. Lassie died at birth and Dan remarried leaving me with two grandmothers. They all came from Alabama to Texas in the 1900's. They were jokingly called the "Dirty Dozen" for the family grew to twelve. It was an amazing family and when they all got together, which was often, the songs, dominoes and the ice cream freezer came out.

The Altman Family

Dorthy's Mother and Father - Nellie and Otis

My wife Dorthy's family. They were Anson and Abilene, TX residents for years. In the story section you can find out how I became a part of the family. They were also a jovial family and maybe the reason I felt at home with them. Our wedding took place a the Altman home in front of the old fireplace. If you would like to know the Altman family come on in.

The Clark Family

My Mother's family, Warren, Nannie, Silas, Callie and Ollene

My Mother's family. They came from Mississippi to Texas in the 1900's also. Warren a number of acres in the little valley south of Abilene, TX and farmed there until retiring. He taught music and history in the little one room school house near his farm. Nannie help build the farm, loved her prize chickens and garden. I lived there more than at my real home. Everybody knew the Clarks.

H. L. (Howard, Jr.) and Dorthy's Wedding

Wedding Video

This is right out of the fifties. You won't want to miss this. Watch the Limo we drive off in. Wow! What we had back then was something else?  Not big enough for all the kids that followed in this union. I had already started a career at a firm called Commercial Credit Corp which took us on a voyage to seven different cities before we landed in Santa Fe, NM.

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